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For subtle gold and red highlights, we’ve got cold brew hair. If you’ve got black or dark brown hair and want to add some red, try cherry cola hair. But if you’re brunette and ready to make a drastic change and go blonde or are in that summer/fall limbo of wanting cool blonde AND warm brunette – Now it’s time to go with toasted coconut hair!

Why so many food themes? I have no idea, but I am 100 percent here for it!

So let’s look at what toasted coconut hair is, who’s rocking it, and how you can get it yourself!

What IS Toasted Coconut Hair?

Photo Credit: Ami Rexroth; Instagram: @createdbyami

This trend has roots (pun intended) in the bronde trend – the blending of brunette and blonde hair color that we’ve been seeing so much these past few months through cold brew hair, balayage, spanning back to the ombre looks from a few seasons ago. Toasted coconut takes bronde and turns it up to 11 for a dramatic, gorgeous look that is flattering for most skin tones and looks incredible on medium to dark brown hair.

Starting with dark brunette roots, the brunette gently fades into a bold platinum blonde shade about halfway down the length of the hair. It’s a gradual blend, with the brunette subtly shifting to blonde a few inches down from the roots. Also, it’s certainly not a flat color – some strands have more of a cool, silvery blonde while other strands have honey blonde blended in.

Where Did Toasted Coconut Come From?

Photo Credit: Michelle Gonzalez; Instagram @michlgon

Like most hair trends, we’re seeing toasted coconut debut on Instagram instead of the red carpet. Atlanta hair colorist Kayluh Stewart and Baltimore colorist, Ami Rexroth, both debuted toasted coconut hair on their instagram, and the trend went viral. Even though the two looks are very different, there’s still a very specific method to the two artists’ looks. Stewart favors a cooler, platinum tone, while Rexroth’s insta featured softer, honey blonde color.

Both started with all over brunette hair color and then added blonde using an incredible color-melting technique, which is where different colors are added to hair without any specific stop-start point or dividing lines. Rather than streaky lines, blunt color shifts, or choppy highlights, color melting creates a softer look where, as the name suggests, the colors melt into each other, like chocolate and vanilla ice cream melting into one another. (What IS it with the food lately?) The look feels natural while still creating a dramatic effect!

Should You Try Toasted Coconut Hair?

Photo Credit: Kayluh Stewart; Instagram @kayluhskolors


Seriously, though this is a great look for brunettes who are tired of chunky highlights and subtle balayage and want to try something fun and dramatic. Worried about upkeep? This is perfect because as your roots grow out, your hair is only going to look, well, toastier.

However, because this requires bleaching your hair, it’s important to take care of it to keep it hydrated, healthy, and keep your color looking bright and new! That’s why I recommend my signature line of hair care products. With Rene Fris Hair Cleansers, you get healthy, shining hair that’s free of buildup without exposing your hair to dangerous sulfates and parabens. With Rene Fris Conditioners, you get natural moisturizing that gives you the soft, luxurious hair you crave with the natural ingredients you love!

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