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Fall is here! Sort of. It’s September 1st as I’m writing this, which means Starbucks is serving pumpkin spice lattes, which I think means it is technically fall now.

If you’re ready to get into fall spirit without breaking out sweaters and boots because it’s still 85 degrees outside, channel your autumn goddess by coloring your hair a gorgeous shade of red.

Worried you won’t find a shade that works with your skin tone? Don’t stress. Even though most people think of fair skin and freckles, there is a shade of red for everyone, and I’m going to walk you through the most stylish choices for this fall!

Brilliant Copper

Rich copper-colored hair is perfect for fall. When done correctly (ie: by a professional), the color is bright, lively, and filled with gold and crimson highlights. Think Sansa Stark of Game of Thrones, but without the tragedy, or Joan Holloway on Mad Men. Copper is bold without being crazy and is sure to draw attention. While this is most often seen on fair skin tones, the golden tones of it can work on nearly all complexions.

Seen on Madeline Brewer, Sophie Turner

Cinnamon Spiced

For fall, perhaps we should go with “pumpkin spiced” hair, instead of cinnamon spiced, but I don’t think that has the same appeal. While we see this trend on the red carpet season after season, it absolutely works as a timeless classic. Cinnamon-tinted hair has beautiful, luxurious undertones in warm, deep red, elevating natural brown hair to a gorgeous new height. Cinnamon-hued strands do work for most complexions, but it’s especially flattering to darker complexions.

Seen on Rihanna, Issa Rae

Golden Auburn

For natural blondes who want to kick up their natural strands with a red cast, golden auburn is fall’s answer to beach-friendly strawberry blonde. With less brass and more gold, this softer, warmer shade of blonde-red is perfect for fair to medium tones. However, a deeper blend of golden brown and warm red – think apple cider to keep with the beverage theme – is beautiful for olive or darker complexions and naturally darker hair.

Seen on Daisy Ridley and Emma Stone

Cherry Cola

We can’t get away from drink-themed hair, but it looks so good! This fall, if you’ve got dark hair and you want to stand out from the pack, or your hair is lighter but you’re ready for a HUGE change, think cherry cola!

Ranging from the subtlest burgundy cast to bold, vibrant reddish-purple, this color is striking against fair skin (though err more toward “cherry” and less “cola” to avoid looking washed out), but it’s cooler purplish undertones also look beautiful with darker skin tones and women and men of color.

Seen on Lily Collins, Drew Barrymore

Red Balayage

Don’t want to worry about roots and touch-ups? Consider a balayage for a modern look that paints beautiful red tones through your hair starting about midway down the strand and getting deeper and wider down to the tip of the hair. This is a completely customizable look, able to create bold, breathtaking contrast in fire-engine red or a subtle color shift in lightest auburn tint, and the upkeep is a breeze!

Seen on Penelope Cruz

Because red hair color is prone to fast fading, I can’t stress enough how important a sulfate-free, formaldehyde-free hair cleanser is. That’s why I only use high-quality and natural ingredients in my line of hair cleansers, hydrating conditioners, and styling products. Keep your hair looking healthy, vibrant, and vivid this fall, with my signature line of hair care!

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