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We just said good bye to beachy waves by embracing glass hair. So, now that your style is updated, it’s time for a fresh, new hair color. You could go for Nirvana blonde, or you could dive into this latest trend – Cold Brew Hair! Inspired by summer’s favorite beverage, this fall is all about coffee-toned brunette.

What IS Cold Brew Hair

Photo credit instagram: @hairby_kimberlyy

While it’s Starbucks inspired, cold brew hair is NOT Starbucks derived! You don’t need to soak or rinse your hair in cold brew or any coffee, to get this hair color (though if I thought it would get the caffeine in my system faster, I’d totally soak my head in coffee!).

Instead, think about a cup of perfectly fresh-poured, cold brew coffee with just a splash of milk in it that you haven’t even stirred yet, it’s just swirling through your drink. You’re sitting outside, enjoying life, sun streaming down, and you’re enraptured by the deep, dark brown shade of the coffee, backlit by sunlight so it’s sparkling with just a hint of red and golden tones.

That almost iridescent, rich brown with the lightest hints of gold and red – THAT is cold brew hair, and it is showing up everywhere as it’s THE perfect shade for the transition from summer into fall.

Who Is Rocking Cold Brew Hair?

Photo credit instagram: @britariail

First debuting on Instagram (where else?) by New York hair colorist, Kimberly Bonodona (@hairby_kimberlyy on Insta), she posted a picture that was showing off a gorgeous brunette with deep red balayage, got picked up by Popsugar. They were highlighting examples of what Stephanie Davis (@stephaniebcolor on Insta), another New York colorist, had dubbed “Cold Brew Hair,” in Elite Daily , which she created using deep, rich brown color and neutral and golden balayage, and from there, the look spread like a spilled drink.

Once it hit Instagram and went viral with the help of PopSugar, we started seeing it in Cosmopolitan, Allure, and Refinery 29, and it’s only a matter of moments before it pops up on a Kardashian.

How to Get Cold Brew Hair

Photo credit instagram: @stephaniebcolor

Cold brew hair is created with a rich, deep, brown and is given dimension and depth using a balayage technique – a method of adding color to hair by painting it in light, sweeping motions, starting midway down the strands and becoming more intense at the bottom. What makes this awesome is that not only is it a low-maintenance look since you don’t have to worry about root touch-ups, it can be as subtle or as bold as you prefer!

For this look, stylists can use shades of deep red, such as mahogany or cinnamon, or can use more golden tones to mimic milk swirling through cold brew coffee. It’s a unique look that ranges from easy everyday to glamorous, depending on how you wear it!

If you want to keep your cold brew hair looking healthy, soft, and vibrant, use my line of gentle, natural hair cleansers and conditioners. Whether you need volume or struggle with frizz, there’s a formula that will work perfectly for you!

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