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It’s hard to believe it, but the holidays are right around the corner. If you want to change your look before the holiday parties and family dinners, there are many options available that will help turn heads. Here are some of our favorite stylish hairstyles for guys this holiday season.



Bobs aren’t just for women! Longer hair has been on trend for the past year or two for men. It can be a great way to bring summer vibes into the winter months. It looks better for men with thicker, textured hair. But even if you don’t have this type of hair, you can achieve a thicker look with certain products like this thickening cleanser and conditioner from Rene Fris. It contains a thickening agent that doubles the size of your hair follicles to help you get volume.


The pompadour or quiff was made famous in America by the rock god: Elvis Presley. Typically, it worn with short sides with the hair swept up or backward. Now, as time as gone by, there are multiple ways that you can do this look. You can keep your look in place with a styling matte paste.


Want something short and simple? Mimic the look of people like Brooklyn Beckham and Zayn Malik by buzzing your hair short. This look is very minimalist and is perfect for someone with a stylish wardrobe and sharp jawline. If you even want to go a little crazier, you can follow the likes of Frank Ocean and Jaden Smith and add color to your buzz cut. Blue, orange, or bleached blonde – you can make the look your own.



This style is one of the most classic. It can be worn in many different ways: combed over, slicked back, or naturally curly. What’s essential to this low is that it is buzzed on the sides and longer on top.


Ask your stylist to create a bold look between where the sides of your hair to create a transition between the longer bits of your hair on the top. This look has long been worn by famous celebrities like David Beckham, who made his look a bit wetter by using a wet hair product. Or, if you want something that still holds your hair without giving it that wet look, you should opt for a matte hair paste, giving you more texture with a modern look.


For those who have fair or thinning hair, you have to be careful about having a fade. If the fade is too high, then your hair might become transparent, making you look bald. Therefore, this alternative is perfect for you. It provides you with a lower alternative combined with a longer length on top that you can sweep to the side. It gives you more versatile as well as an easy-going style.


If you want a hairstyle that requires very little maintenance, then the side part look is a great way to go. It can help give your hair a little bit of volume and texture, without requiring too much effort in the morning.


Men’s hairstyles are evolving! Everything is becoming more stylish, with a heavy emphasis on a fade and sweeping hair action. Which look is your favorite?

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