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This week was National Love Your Red Hair Day, and that day was all about celebrating people with gorgeous red hair! Regardless of whether you are a natural redhead, or you get your hair color from a salon, this day (and really, every day), is about celebrating your lovely hair. This day is to remind yourself that you are unique and beautiful!


Here are some of our favorite red hair celebrities:

Lucille Ball

Rupert Grint

Geri Halliwell

Michael Fassbender

Karen Gillan

Amy Adams

Isla Fisher

Christina Hendricks

Emma Stone

Julianna Moore


If seeing all of these beautiful redhaired people is inspiring you to go red yourself, it is possible. Don’t be nervous that red won’t look good on you, because there is a red tone that works for every person’s skin tone. You can find the right tone for you!


Lighter skin tones will look great with bright orange-red, strawberry, or copper tones. You don’t want to do anything that has a very deep hue; otherwise, it might wash you out too much.


For medium skin tones, you can go for a warmer tone because it will help to brighten up your features. You might want to consider deep copper, auburn hues, or golden red to find the perfect color for you.


Darker skin tones can go for a blue or purple-based red. Those beautiful berries and wine variety dyes will look amazing on you.



Rene Fris, a world-renowned hairstylist, suggest that every time you change your hair color, you switch up your hair care routine to ensure that your hair stays shiny and soft. Here are a few of his tips.


  1. Use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Use a color-safe cleanser and conditioner, like Rene Fris’ Cleanser and Conditioner, to protect your hair and preserve the dye job. His products are 100% sulfate-free, so it helps your hair to retain moisture and natural oils.
  2. Add a hair mask to your routine. Once a week, use a hair mask instead of your normal conditioner. After shampooing, put the mask in and leave it in for five minutes before rinsing it.
  3. Avoid using hot tools. Embrace your natural texture and try to reduce the number of hot tools you use in your everyday hair routine. Let your hair air dry as much as possible, and reduce how much you curl or flat iron your hair.


And, to end off the week, here are 10 facts about red hair, to remind you that you are beautiful and unique!


  1. There are more redheads in Scotland (13%) and Ireland (10%) than anywhere else in the world. Less than 2% of the total population has red hair.


  1. The combination of red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination population. The odds of having both is just .17%.


  1. Redheads might be more sensitive to pain because they have a specific mutant in their genes. A study found that redheads need 20% more anesthesia than people with other hair colors.


  1. Redheads are often left-handed.


  1. People with red hair will often have thicker strands but less hair than the average person.


  1. Redheads are less likely to go gray. The red hair pigment will fade from blond and white but tends not to go gray.


  1. Despite what you might read on the internet, redheads are not going to go extinct.


  1. Redheads will produce more Vitamin D than people with other hair colors.


  1. People with red hair are at a higher risk of skin cancer than the rest of the population.


  1. Men with red hair might be less likely to get prostate cancer.


Do you have red hair? Tell us how you celebrated National Love Your Red Hair Day.

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