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With celebrities like Emilia Clarke, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Lawrence all rocking shorter looks at one point, many people have tried copying their style. If you are having trouble achieving a great short hair look, you might be making mistakes that are ruining your style. Here are the top short hair styling mistakes to avoid.

1. Overly Sleek Hair

Of course, you don’t want to have frizz, but you might be making a mistake by having too sleek hair, which will lack volume. To get more volume, try washing your hair with Rene Fris’ anti-frizz cleanser and conditioner, which defrizzes without weighing your hair down. Next, blow-dry the bottom layer of your hair, and once it is dry, then work on the layer on top. That will help keep your hair at the perfect level of volume.

2. Blow Drying Too Much

Be careful not to use too much heat. While you might think you need to blow dry your hair to get a certain style, it can be detrimental to the health of your hair. Try air drying your hair at least a couple days a week to keep your hair from becoming overly dull and full of split ends.

3. Overworking It

Whatever your ultimate hairstyle is, make sure not to overwork or force the hairstyle. Your hair deserves to have its own bad hair day, and sometimes, there is nothing you can do to get your hair to cooperate.

However, bad hair days are inevitable. On the days that you are having trouble with your hair, consider using a headband, hair scarf, or a hat to cover your crazy locks.

4. Using The Wrong Hairspray

You might not think that your hairspray choice would have a huge impact on your hair, but it can leave your hair looking worse for wear if you choose poorly. Get a texturing spray so that your hair still has body and movement without losing the style.

5. Avoiding The Hair Salon

Putting off going to the hair salon can be one of the worst mistakes you make, according to celebrity hairstylist Rene Fris. He says that with shorter hair, it is easier to lose the style and shape of your hair. When you have short hair, you should be going to the salon every 6 to 12 weeks. If you have a bad habit of putting off making the appointments, pre-book your appointments.

6. Not Going Natural

Short hair is the perfect time for you to be natural and flaunt your texture without having to stress about anything. Don’t be afraid to hair dry your hair, no matter what your texture and style of hair you have. Talk to your hairstylist to make sure that you are getting a face-flattering cut. You can use a texturizing product to keep your natural hair in control.

7. Using A Curling Iron

When you want a nice wave to your hair, the first tool you should be turning to is actually the flat iron, not the curling iron. When you have short hair and you are using a curling iron, it might give you Shirley Temple curls. Instead, you should use your flat iron to curl the front pieces of your hair away from the face. Then, alternate the direction of the curls to give your hair a more natural look.

Short hair doesn’t have to be a headache! It can be a fun way to get a new look. Avoid making these mistakes to get the best looks possible.

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