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It’s easy to fall into a routine or rut with your hairstyle. When you have been rocking the same hairstyle for years, it can be difficult to imagine yourself with a change in color or cut. However, if you have been feeling a bit tired of your look lately and want to freshen it up, getting a haircut can be a great way to look young again. Here are some of our favorite looks that make you look ten years younger.

Soft Bangs

Take a leaf out of Lean Headey of Game of Thrones fame book and give yourself a more youthful and softer appearance. You can even copy your look further by swopping them off to the side to give your look an extra dimension. If you want, you can take this look to the next level with baby bangs. And the good thing is if you decide that bangs aren’t your thing, it only takes a couple of months to grow them back out!

Wavy Bob

A soft, wavy bob is a great way to get in touch with your young, feminine side, no matter what your age is. By adding in a few soft layers, it gives your look texture and dimension.


Braids aren’t just for young girls. Braids can be worn by mature women who want to add a little bit of sassy or fun to their lock. You can braid your hair, or try a braid across the crown of your head. You can also do a side-swept braid with unkempt ends to add a little bit of a younger feel to your look.



Did you always dream of having a pixie cut when you were younger, but never have the courage? Now it is your chance! It is such a flirty look, and it will cut years off your appearance.

If you are having trouble styling your hair, consider using this Styling Cream from Rene Fris. It is suitable for all hair types and gives your hair volume in a way that defines gravity. Not only does it give your hair more bounce, but it also protects it against environmental pollutants and oxidative stress.


If you aren’t quite ready for a pixie cut, you can try out a bob. You can even soften up the look a little bit with a soft, wavy look. The relaxed wave look can give your hair a more bohemian and youthful feel.

Face Framing Highlights

For those who don’t want to go through a drastic hair cut, face-framing highlights can be a great way to make a change without cutting your hair at all. You could even consider adding a side-swept fringe to freshen up your style and add an extra level of dimension.


Get a new style for the fall! If you have been feeling bored with your style, there is no need to make a drastic color or cut change. You can do small things to add a little extra spice to your look and helps you appear younger.

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