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One of the important things to note when looking at the hair color trends in 2019 is that many hairstyles and colors from 2018 (and even a few years before) will still be fashionable. If you have always liked your ombre or balayage hair, they will still be great to wear. 

However, sometimes people want to try to move forward with their hair color and try something new. Experts have been carefully monitoring the movement of hair colors and what people are doing all over the world.  

One of the biggest hair color trends of 2019? Wearability. These are the hair colors that almost every skin tone can look wear and people can easily wear them to work – meaning there is certainly something in here for you. 

Let’s take a look: 


Of course you can get Pantone’s color of the year Living Coral on your nails, lips, clothes, and even your walls – but should you put it in your hair? Of course you should! Living Coral is a warmer color that is trendy for 2019.  

This peach-like color is perfect to brighten up your face and it will help to bring out more of the rosy tones – a huge trend we have seen in make-up as well.  


One of the best shades to rock in 2019 will be a cool brown shade. This is the type of brown that is layered and deep – it is perfect for a passionate, sophisticated woman. It works great on almost all skin tones and is fairly easy in terms of maintenance as well. 

You can wear this color all over your hair or just use it to highlight your hair, and for that, babyfine highlights will work best. Work with your stylist to find the perfect balance. 


Pastels were a huge trend in 2018, and 2019 shows no signs of pushing back against the trend. The difference? In 2019 the shades will be slightly more muted and faded. This doesn’t mean that they are old – instead, your hair should just hint at the color.  

This is the type of hair that looks mostly blonde or another lighter color and in just the right light, you can see the more pastel shades. Finding the right pastel can be difficult and it will require the help of a seasoned stylist, but this trend can really work on any skin tone and any under tone. 


Every few years, dark blonde comes back and people once again decide this is the best shade for them – and with good reason! Dark blonde hair is extremely easy in terms of upkeep and it is extremely flattering on almost everyone. One thing that you do need to know is that your roots will show quite quickly if you get straight dark blond hair, which is why this is a suggested color for highlights or even ombres.  

Make sure to work with your stylist to figure out the best undertones for your hair in 2019 – with dark blonde, they will make all of the difference. 

So, what will you do with your hair in 2019? There are so many different options out there that you will easily find something that you will love. Just make sure that you work with a professional to help you find something that is flattering for you. 

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