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If you have curly hair, getting volume that isn’t just from the actual width of the curls is difficult. Once you have volume, it can be extremely difficult to keep that hair volumized and looking great – so much in the world just wants to flatten those curls.

Achieving volume in your hair can be difficult – and it can be really hard to get maximum volume without drying out the strands of your hair. You can also do it without defining your curls. But how do you get the best parts of all hairstyles – the defined, the manageable, and the voluminous.

Here are four tips to have fuller curls that are more manageable and beautiful:


The first thing you can try to bulk up your hair and make it look thicker and more voluminous is to add volumizing products. There are many different formulas on the market today to help you to get your ideal look. Try adding mousses or foam formula products to get the defined curls that you want without adding weight. Cream or oil based products work well too, but they work best for those who do not have a lot of hair.

To achieve more volume in your curl hair, work the product into the roots of your hair so that there is lift and then use the leftover product to define your curls. If you need more hold, you can add a bit more and then scrunch it into your hair.


The next thing that you can do to add volume to your hair is to use clips to lift your hair at the roots while you are drying them. You can do this while using a hair dryer and a diffuser or you can use it when you are air drying.

Be sure to use longer, metal clips and hold onto the individual curls. Don’t flatten or take your curls apart to dry them. To get a more natural look, make sure that the clips are standing up, not lying flat against the head.

Once you have taken the clips out and your hair is dry, you may need to use your fingertips to massage the roots to make everything look natural.


If you have finer hair, blow drying while using a diffuser will help to give your curls more volume. Of course, we all worry about using heat on our hair, so use it on a cooler setting. Even if you don’t want to dry all of your hair, you still want to make sure that the roots are dry before you stop. Roots that still have water in them will make your curls flatten, especially those near the base of your neck, which is where you get a lot of the volume in your hair.

When diffusing, make sure to tilt your head to the side and dry it that way – this will help to keep your curls from drying flat to your head.

Finally, when you are done drying your hair with the diffuser, you can use just the regular blower to get just a bit more volume.


If you have curly hair, it is so critically important that you get that hair cut by someone who knows what he or she is doing. A hairstyle that isn’t for curly hair can really weigh down your curls. Instead, go to someone who knows how to reshape your hair to give it a fuller look without making you have a pyramid shaped haircut.

Always go on the longer side because hair that is too short might stick up more than you are used to.

As always, remember that having curly hair is one of the best things you could have been blessed with – people do a lot to their hair to get it to look like yours.

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