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The cold winter is finally leaving, so it is time to upgrade your hair. Rather than keeping your dark look you switched to for the winter, mix it up with one of these looks. Luckily, the trends are giving us a chance from years past and are changing back to more subtle highlights and natural hair color looks overall.  


To get these looks, you will still need to spend several hours at the salon, but the good news is that the upkeep is much more manageable. And, there is something that will fit everyone’s hair texture and skin tone to get you the best look possible! 





Red hair is making a comeback! Even if you aren’t a natural redhead, this natural look can work for you. Before, more people were drifting away from the vibrant fire-engine red colors of years past and are choosing a more natural auburn look. Before making the switch, make sure to talk with a trusted stylist to pick the right shade of red for you and your skin tone.  




Even if you already have dark hair or want to take the plunge, jet black can be a great new look. You should try for a shiny, blue-black blue that keeps a rich color. Not ready to go permanently dark? Then you can ask your stylist for a demi- or semi-permanent color. When you use a more permanent formula, your hair becomes saturated with so much pigment, that once you remove it, it can possibly damage your hair.  


To keep your hair healthy, pick a hair cleanser that is safe for color-treated hair. You should also find a cleanser that is silicone-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free. A cleanser with sulfate can actually strip natural oils from your scalp and hair, making it even dry and brittle. The hair cleanser by Rene Fris is enriched with D-Panthenol to keep your hair healthy and happy, and keeping it damage free.  





Platinum blonde has been making waves for a while, and its popularity is still going strong. It is a chic look that is difficult to obtain but is sure to turn heads. Make sure to talk to your stylist beforehand to make sure this look will work for you.  





Pastel hair has been all the rage lately. If you have had platinum hair, then a great way to switch it up is by adding color. If you aren’t already platinum, you have to lift the hair to platinum before you can add the pastel color. Because it is pretty harsh on your hair, pick a conditioner like Rene Fris’ that can help you create the ultimate scalp environment to keep your hair healthy.  




Before, we saw more chunky highlights. But now, we are starting to see superfine and seamless highlights. If you want to break up an old ombré or add dimensions to your look, babylights is a great way to do it. It adds a bit more color to your look. Speak with your stylist to figure out how light you want to go.  


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