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Warm, vibrant, and multi-faceted is the biggest overall trend of brunette hair color for 2018. From rich highlights in cinnamon to balayage ranging from subtle to shocking to chocolate browns so rich they are nearly iridescent, brown is anything but boring for 2018! Read on for a deeper look into the hottest trends for brunettes in 2018.

Cinnamon Highlights

Dark brown hair gets a subtle kick with warm cinnamon highlights that are painted throughout the hair. While it’s a subtle look at first, as soon as the light hits the highlights, you’ll see an amazing auburn effect. Perfect for anyone wanting to brighten up dark hair without going for a dramatic look, cinnamon highlights work on nearly all complexions while requiring little maintenance and upkeep!

Who’s wearing it: Gal Gadot

Rich, Vibrant Mahogany

Mahogany shades were seen around the red carpet this spring with actresses and celebrities showing off luscious, luxurious mahogany-colored tresses. Deep red and wine shades blend to add a magnificent vivid sheen to dark brown hair and elevate plain shades to an extraordinary color that catches the eye! Whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, mahogany works beautifully, and it even works to brighten nearly any eye color!

Who’s wearing it: Tessa Thompson, Selena Gomez

Multi-faceted Chocolate Brown

While caramel, honey, and cream soda are great, who doesn’t love chocolate? And yes, that extends to hair color. Deep, dark chocolate browns made an amazing appearance this spring, and this tone was anything but drab. With subtle intensity, this is a color that works beautifully for warm skin tones and creates a lovely contrast with both fair and dark complexions.

Who’s wearing it: Meghan Markle, Kerry Washington

Balayage and Babylights

Balayage is simply a way to add highlights through painting color onto the hair, starting lightly at the root, and deepening the color going down the strands of hair.  Rather than the stripey, chunky highlights of the early 2000s, balayage is natural, soft, and generally subtle, though any color can be used in balayage. Babylights, on the other hand, are very subtle highlights applied to very fine hair strands to achieve the natural highlights children have.

This is a great way to elevate your natural hair color or create a whole new look. Unlike all-over color, balayage and babylights don’t require frequent touch-ups. Simply caring for your hair with high-quality hair products will keep your color vivid and vibrant.

Who’s wearing it: Mandy Moore

Ash Brown

From silver-toned balayage to cool-toned highlights, ashy brown shades stand out from the sea of rich mahoganies, deep chocolates, and honey hues. Because ashen tones seamlessly blend brown hair with silver highlights in differing degrees, the look can vary so much. This means that you can go dramatic, with stark silver intertwined with brown, or you can opt for a soft, subtle look. Even better, ash browns can work on any skin tone, just like the warmer highlights, and they catch the light beautifully.

Who’s wearing it: Jessica Alba

Change your look completely with mahogany, add soft caramel babylights, or brighten up dark hair with an intense chocolate brown – no matter what look you choose, take care of your hair with our natural, gentle line of hair cleansers, conditioners, and styling products! Free of damaging sulfates and dangerous parabens, you can confidently nourish your hair with antioxidants and pure Scandinavian botanicals to create soft, silky hair!

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