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Winter is still going strong, and your hair might be feeling the effects of less sun and drier air. However, just because it is winter doesn’t mean you have to settle for staticky, dry, frizzy hair anymore. If you are getting tired of the same hairstyles, now is the time to embrace accessories like hair bows and scrunchies to spice up your winter look. To give you some extra inspiration, we have compiled our list of favorite winter looks.  




Channel your inner Bella Hadid with this high split ponytail. It can spice up a regular ponytail and give you a sleek look. First, wash your hair with Rene Fris’ Anti-Frizz Cleanser & Conditioner to obtain an elegant look. Then, position your ponytail as high as possible on the center of your head. By placing your pony high, you can achieve the split look effortlessly. This look works great for longer hair.  




Brushed out curls are now back on the fashion go-to list. Zendaya recently pulled off this huge look with a soft bristled brush that helps to add volume without damaging hair. This hairstyle helps you to embrace frizz and look great doing it.  




Headbands can be a great way to class up a look without having to put a lot of work.  First, cleanse your hair with Rene Fris’ Thickening Cleanser to add an all-over body that gives you an extra lift at the root. Next, just add the headband, and you got a new look that reminds you of summery times.  




Hair scrunchies made their rounds in the 1990s, but they are definitely making a comeback. Accessories are an easy way to make sure your look stays fresh and changes up, so you don’t get bored in the winter time. By adding in a dark colored or denim scrunchie, you can make a winter-appropriate look.  




Switch up your naturally curly look with a deep side part. This look is perfect for no-wash days because it can keep all your frizzies under wraps because it keeps the volume high. This deep side part adds a maintained look that is perfect for any setting.  




Adding a bit of a twist to your ponytail can give you a different look to brighten your winter. This look is incredibly simple to reproduce. If you are having trouble getting your hair to stick, try using Rene Fris’ Styling Matte Paste; it gives you hold for a controlled style that gives you a perfectly imperfect look.  




Add some sparkle to your look with pearls added to your low ponytail. You can even find bobby pins that have pearls added on so you can integrate the gems seamlessly with your hair. This is another look that is easy to reproduce in just a few minutes but still looks fantastic.  


No matter what you decide to do this winter, make sure to switch your hairstyles to keep your style fresh.  

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