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For many of us, bobby pins are the cornerstone of our hair routines. We use them when we have good hair days to set our hair just right and we use them on bad hair days to twist and pull our hair into submission.

But sometimes, it can feel like the same old same when it comes to how we use bobby pins – we slip them in and just go. What if you could be more creative? It is possible!

Here are a few different, creative ways to use bobby pins in your hair:


White flower clips, wedding hair pins, small floral bobby pins, bridal accessories

Want to do something that will really stand out in your hair? Take a set of bobby pins and make some sort of pattern or shape on your head! Whether you are slicking one side of your hair back and want to create a spaced out chevron or you just want to hold your bangs back with two parallel bobby pins, nothing looks fresher or more fun than bobby pins in different shapes.

Too often, we try to hide our bobby pins instead of letting them make a statement.


Kate Bosworth

Even if you don’t want to have a great hair day and you just want to get it off your neck, you can use a bobby pin in a creative way to spruce up your ponytail. One trick is to use a bobby pin to secure hair around the elastic that you use, which will give you a sleeker and more professional appearance, even if your hair only took you a few seconds.

Another option (or an option that you can use to spruce up a pony that you have hidden) is to put a bobby pin behind your pony and under the elastic so that it props up the ponytail. This will give you some volume where you might not have any – you might have to backcomb if you have thinner hair.


Wedding clip set, white flower hair pins, floral bobby pins, bridal hair, wedding hair accessories (2)

Have an outfit that you love and want to push it even further? Add matching bobby pins! You can personalize your bobby pins using nail polish, glitter, rhinestones, fabric, or whatever else you have on hand. You can really make yourself stand out with just a little bit of work. The possibilities are endless!

People have even attached hair tracks to their bobby pins to make their own reusable extensions. You can really go far and make a statement with bobby pins if you are willing to think outside of the box.


Want to do a French braid or two but have layers popping out all over the place? Many of us have been there. Instead of throwing in the towel, add bobby pins to stick those layers into the braid itself. This will add some texture and interest to something that can be a little boring anyway. Just make sure that you keep everything even and, even if you don’t need a bobby pin somewhere, you might want to put one in for appearance’s sake.

Using bobby pins in your hair doesn’t have to be boring at all. Instead, you can use them to make a statement with your hair and spruce up something that might have been flat and drab. Remember that you hair should be strong and healthy before using bobby pins and that you should be very careful about putting anything in your hair that might rip it out. Make sure that you use high quality products when preparing and cleansing your hair – it will make all of the difference.

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