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No matter what face shape you got, remember it is equally beautiful. No matter what hairstyle you end up choosing, you want to be able to rock it with confidence knowing that you look gorgeous and amazing.  


However, since we are only human, we always want to look great! And we know that there certain shapes that work better for our faces than others. For those with round faces, they know that it can be difficult to choose a style that you feel compliments your features. Don’t worry, there are many styles that work for you! 



But first, let’s figure out if you have a round face. Here is what to look for.  


  1. Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are nearly all the same width and fall along the same line.  
  1. The height and width of your face are almost the same size. 
  1. There are no sharp angles on your face, and your features tend to be softer.  





Side bangs can help reduce the roundness and symmetry of your face. Regardless of your hair length or hairstyle, asymmetrical pieces can work for you. It helps to break up the round shape and helps to draw your eye to the cheekbones or lips.  






A pixie cut is one of our favorite hairstyles because no matter what your face shape, it looks great. And it is a great look for summer because it can help keep your neck and head cooler in the heat waves. If you are nervous about such a drastic change, you can try to add a bit of a bang by adding more piecey layers across your forehead. By chopping up your pixie cut, it also can give more angles to rounder faces.  






Straight hair that is shoulder length or longer can help to frame a rounder face. It helps to balance it out by drawing your face down. By flat-ironing your hair, you can achieve this sleek look. Combine it with Rene Fris’ Anti-Frizz Cleanser & Conditioner which can battle dryness and keep those frizzy fly-away strands away.  




Rocked by celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, the wavy bob is a perfect springtime look that looks great with people with rounder races. It’s also great for people who can’t decide between a pixie cut or a longer style. If you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into shorter hair, then the wavy bob might be for you. Ask your trusted stylist to cut your hair into layers that begin right below your chin. By curling them away from your face, it can give you the appearance of a longer bone structure.  





This hairstyle doesn’t require any drastic change your end! Having an off-center part can help split your round face diagonally. By switching where your part is, it can help draw attention to the middle of your face. And luckily, this hairstyle can work on any length of hair. 


To achieve this smooth look, we recommend you incorporating a styling cream that can keep your hair smooth and bouncy, but without frizzing out thanks to the warmer weather and humidity. Rene Fris’ Styling Cream is a good option because it can restore weight and radiance from winter-damaged air. Plus, it gives you a strong hold while adding volume. Plus, it is silicone-free, sulfate-free, and is never tested on animals.  

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