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Medium hair can sometimes be a hassle. In between long and short, you might feel like you have run out of ideas on how to switch up your hair and keep it up off your neck. But if you are thinking your medium length hair is becoming a bit boring, think again! There are tons of options for the summer, and it is actually the most versatile of all the hairstyles. Here are some of our favorite summer hairdo inspiration  



If you haven’t worn pigtails since you were a child, you might be thinking a braid is too childish. However, a fishtail braid can be a sexy way to change up your hair. Use clear elastic bands to keep things clean and more mature.  





Space buns are more than just a look for a festival or Comic-Con. It can be a fun way to get your hair up and out of your face. Space buns are a great way for your hair to stand out and is incredibly easy to do. Just gather up two buns at the top of your head, and then let the rest of your hair flow down to create a fun look. Or, if you want a more subtle look, you can gather all your hair into two space buns at the nape of your neck.  




Summer wouldn’t be complete without some fun beachy waves. Medium lengthened hair is perfect for beach summer waves because longer textures tend to weigh down the texture too much. To achieve this carefree look, use a styling cream that gives you lightweight volume like this Styling Cream from Rene Fris. It adds dimension to even fine or limp hair, and gives you invisible control over your hair, without any added chemicals added to it.  



While messy buns are definitely in, a ballerina bun is a fun switch from the norm. A perfectly coiffed high bun can be achieved using the sock bun method. You can either choose to roll your hair up or try to keep your hair in place using bobby pins.  




While the trends on the red carpet might be curly hair with tons of volume, there is still something classical perfect about sleek, shiny, straight hair. The medium length makes it easy to achieve this look without having to spend hours straightening your hair. To replicate this stylish look, try and use an anti-frizz cleanser, like this Cleanser from Rene Fris. It never contains all silicone, sulfate, parabens, or formaldehyde.  




If you think a full bun isn’t your style, then you might want to consider a half-up bun. This summer look is perfect for a casual day out, or night adventures. You can keep your hair straight or curly with this half-up knot.  


A cool summer style is possible this year! With a little bit of creativity, you can create a look that you will look to rock over the warmer months. 

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