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Now, we all know that we don’t need to wash our hair every day, and many hair routines now include dry shampoo. Going two or more days between washes can actually help keep your locks healthy and moisturized, but it does mean that you need to figure out how to best style second (or third!) day hair.


Despite what you might think, if your hair hasn’t been washed recently, it does need a little extra love and hair. Acting like your hair has been freshly washed when it hasn’t can damage your care and can ruin the benefits of not washing your hair. For those who choose not to wash their hair every day, make sure to set yourself up for success by choosing a good anti-frizz cleanser or conditioner. These products from Rene Fris’ line give your hair a boost and a silky, glossy, and humidity-proof look. No matter what climate you are in, it will help your hair look great, even on the second day.


Here are five rules for styling second-day hair.


  1. Don’t blow-dry your hair again

When you get out of the shower, you likely give your hair a blow-dry to help reduce the frizz and give it a smooth finish while adding volume. While you might think that blow-dry your dry hair would be a good idea to help smooth out the edges and give your hair a fresh look, it can damage your hair and singe the strands.


  1. Section your hair

If some parts of your locks do need a little bit of extra help, consider sectioning the flat or crimped pieces and use your hot tools there. By applying the heat only to the spots that truly need it, you can keep your hair as moisturized as possible.


  1. Incorporate dry shampoo into your routine

Regardless of your daily routine and hair texture, your hair is likely going to collect oil, especially at the roots. While there is nothing wrong this, it can sometimes make your hair look a little greasier than you might want. Using dry shampoo can be a quick fix, so you don’t have to rewash your hair every day.

  1. Don’t use more heat protectant

While this might seem counterintuitive, adding more heat protectant to dry, unwashed hair can be harmful to your hair. If you already had applied heat protectant the previous day when you got out of the shower, then the heat protectant will still be there. Adding more will make your hair more greasy and oily.


  1. Protect your hair at night

Take care to preserve your hairstyle as much as possible when going days in between washing. At night, you want to do something to your hair to make sure that you are reducing oil accumulating and preventing the risk of your hair forming crimps, folds, or any other lumps. If you want more texture, you might want to consider braiding your hair. If you are trying to keep your curls or blowout intact, you might want to consider putting your hair in a loose bun while you sleep. Regardless of what you choose, it gives your hair a better chance of looking fresh and beautifully styled on the second day after a shower.



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