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The biggest hair trend of the summer: mushroom blond. According to Pinterest, this shade of hair color is quickly becoming the most popular look of the summer. Because of the name choice (who thinks mushrooms have a particularly pretty color??), you might initially be put off. However, the final result is beautiful, completely unique, and is one of our favorite looks this summer.

This trendy shade mimics the multitone, ashy look of mushrooms, and isn’t your standard blond color. It’s not quite blond, but it isn’t brunette either, making it the perfect transitional color. If you are starting to prepare your hair for a darker winter color, this might be the perfect in-between color to help you get there. You can also choose darker or lighter shades to make this look more tailored to you and your hair preferences.

The idea of using mushrooms for a hair color is almost perfect. Mushrooms have a wide variety of beige and gray tones that might be hard to describe. However, these tones have become slightly different tones to include gray and silver to give it a more natural look.

While you might be drawn more to warmer hair colors in the summer, the mushroom blond look has become so popular because it is unexpected. Summery blonde or sandy brunette is the go-to look for many women across the nation. However, this look can help you to stand out from the crowd.


It is also a very low-maintenance look, which makes it perfect for the summer as well. Luckily, it only needs to be touched up every three to six months because it has a more grown-out look. Depending on the length of your hair, you might not even have to touch your hair up for at least a year.


To achieve this color, talk to your stylist for a dark blond or light brown subtle ombre. There should be pieces of both light brown and dark blond in your hair. One thing you must ask for is for something ashy, otherwise, you might end up with a color that is more similar to a traditional bronde. Consider bringing in photos for reference to make sure you end up with the color that you love.


After you have died your hair, make sure to use a cleanser and conditioner that can help to keep your hair healthy. With any type of coloring, it can damage your hair if you aren’t taking the right precautions. A Thickening Cleanser & Conditioner like this one from Rene Fris is one the best because it uses Cloudberry extract, ultra-moisturizing D-Panthenol and extracts from Rhodiola root and Birch which helps to create the ideal scalp environment. It helps you to achieve fabulously healthy hair that is still soft and very thick.


While mushroom hair might be the unexpected color choice of the summer, it is unique enough to stand out and is a great way to transition between colors. What do you think of this look?

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