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Most men worry about hair loss at one point in their life or another. While it might seem like an inevitable part of life, it can be reassuring to know that there are some things you can do to prevent or fight hair loss. However, there is no magic cure, despite what the infomercials want you to think.

To help you discover what truly works, we have laid out how men (and women) can keep and strengthen the hair that you have and help to regrow your hair if possible. Here is how to fight hair loss.


When you are experiencing hair loss, make sure to reevaluate your choice of shampoo conditioner. Rene Fris, a celebrity hairstylist, suggests that you use a cleanser that focuses on creating the best scalp environment possible. He recommends this cleanser is packed with Provitamin B5 and Scandinavian botanicals which help to nourish and protect your hair. This blend is combined with D-Panthenol to prevent damage and bring life back into your dying hair follicles.


Make sure that your hair loss isn’t due to a medical condition. Speak with your doctor to discover if your hair loss is due to medicine or because of your family history. Just a simple change like a new medication could be causing you to lose more hair than you are used to in the past.


If you have been rocking the man bun or other tight hairstyles, you might be causing damage to your hair without even realizing it. Unfortunately, these hairstyles might be causing traction alopecia, a condition that happens when your hair is under constant tension and damages the hair follicles. Fris recommends that you try to switch up the position of your man bun or tight hairstyles, so you aren’t putting constant pressure in the same place.


Healthy eating isn’t just good for your health, but also for your hair. Lean protein that you can find in fish, soy, and lean meats can do wonders for your hair. That lean protein can help to promote more hair growth, and eating seeds and nuts that are filled with Vitamin E and fats can keep your hair healthy and soft. Small things like adding cinnamon to your food can help add nutrients to your hair.


Ironically, some men can become so stressed about hair loss that they make the situation worse and experience even more hair loss. High levels of stress can cause you to lose your hair due to various medical conditions. One of the best ways to reduce hair loss is to first manage your stress by noticing which parts of your life are causing you more stress. Eliminate those factors from your life (if possible) and implement techniques like meditation, yoga, or daily exercise to help combat the effects of stress in your life.

Hair loss can be scary. By living a healthier life, you might start to see your hair become rejuvenated again. Consider different aspects of your life to stop your hair loss in its tracks.

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