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There’s not much better than spending summer days outside, whether you’re staying cool in the pool or even the ocean, exercising, or just relaxing in the sun. While sunny skies and cool breezes are great for lifting your spirit, those same elements can do major damage to your hair. Fear not, though! With a few easy tips, you can avoid the frizz, fading, and damage to your hair this summer.


Use a UV Protectant

You wouldn’t think about going outside in the summer without sunscreen on your skin, right? Your hair is just as vulnerable to damage from the sun as your skin is. While hair doesn’t burn like skin does, the sun damages the cuticle and breaks it down, so you have to protect it from damaging UV rays. While slathering thick, creamy sunscreen on your hair is definitely not recommended, there are UV protectants specifically made for hair. This Sunscreen Oil Spray by Clarins is a great option that is good for both hair and skin protection with an SPF 30 and a light, non-greasy feel.

Cover Your Hair

If you’re going to be out for a long period in the sun and wind, whip out the accessories! Covering your hair with a brightly colored scarf or a wide-brimmed hat keeps your protected with no problem, while giving you the added benefit of looking stylish! This cute hat from Target is a great all-around option, whether you’re going to the beach, a barbecue, or even an outdoor wedding!

Rinse Your Hair Before and After the Pool Chlorine is one of the worst things for your hair, drying it out and causing major damage. Don’t skip the pool to avoid damage this summer, though. Before going in the pool, thoroughly soak your hair with tap water to prevent chlorine from absorbing.

Sounds crazy, right? Hair is actually very porous and absorbs water, so when you go into the pool with dry hair, all the chlorinated water will soak in and cause damage. By rinsing it with regular tap water first, your hair can’t absorb any more water, minimizing the damage. When you’re done with the pool, be sure to give it a secondary rinse, adding a bit of apple cider vinegar to restore your pH get it looking and feeling great again!

Use the Sun to Reverse Damage

If you have experienced damage from the sun and wind, or maybe you were already struggling with dry, damaged hair, use the sun to your advantage to heat up your deep conditioning treatment. Heat can activate your oil treatment, but if it is too hot, it may actually cause more damage or even cause burns. Apply your favorite deep conditioning masque, or make your own deep conditioning treatment, wrap it in a towel or a shower cap, then sit outside and relax and let the sun do the work!

Get Rid of Split or Broken Ends

If you already have split ends or hair breakage, the sun and wind are only going to make them worse. Before summer gets here or you start spending more time outdoors, go to your stylist for a trim. Not only will it be cooler and lighter, your hair will be healthier, too!

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