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So you’ve decided to grow a beard, and you’re thinking, “What next?” Maybe you’ve never had a beard and are ready to see how you look, or maybe your past beard experiences have been…patchy at best, but you’re ready to give it a try again.

No matter what, you want your facial hair to look neat, thick, and groomed – think Idris Elba or Chris Evans instead of those guys from Duck Dynasty.

Note: this is true for all things. Always lean toward what Idris Elba or Chris Evans would do instead of those guys from Duck Dynasty.

Work with What You Got

Okay, there are a few things that affect beard growth that you can’t control: mainly genetics and hormones. Men who come from a long line of bearded men will probably also be able to grow a thick, full beard. Also, beard growth is affected by testosterone and other hormones. Higher testosterone usually means you’ll have an easier time growing a full beard. This doesn’t mean you should take supplements to boost these hormones – quite the opposite, testosterone boosters can be dangerous. It just means that the things you can control, you’ll absolutely want to work on.

Take Care of Your Body to Grow a Beard

When you eat bad foods, don’t exercise, don’t take practice decent hygiene, you’re going to look bad, and this is especially true with your hair. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and B vitamins will encourage healthy follicles, which lead to quicker hair growth with healthier hair. This means eggs, salmon, and spinach should be added to your diet. I wrote more in-depth about the foods you eat to encourage healthy hair, and the same foods apply to growing a healthy beards. Check it out here.

Good sleep and exercise help boost testosterone naturally, safely, and effectively, plus keep your body operating at optimal performance (including hair growth). Work out a few days a week, get sleep, stop eating like it’s your last day on earth and watch the beard magic happen.

Care for Your Beard as it Grows

Once your beard starts coming in, you may be inclined to just let it do its thing, but for your beard to look good, it takes some work. Just like you wash, condition, and style your hair, you have to use special products on your beard and skin, too.

First, keep your skin healthy, clean, and hydrated. If your skin itches or you have sensitive skin, use the right facial wash and moisturizer like Cetaphil Men’s line or Rugged and Dapper.

As your beard grows, use a beard-specific wash and oil to keep it clean, soft, and healthy, such as Beardbrand washes and oils, or use a few drops of jojoba oil to condition it. Also, avoid the neckbeard by creating a sharply defined neckline about two inches above the Adam’s apple curving into a u-shape toward the ears.

Beard Maintenance

Okay, now you’ve got this beard, so now what?

Maintenance is key. Continue to wash, condition, and shave below the beard line. Invest in a beard comb to keep your beard looking full, neat, and also make it easy to trim. Comb your beard against the hair growth to make it stand out, and trim any longer hairs, and finish the look by trimming your moustache regularly.

Get a complete look by styling your hair with Rene Fris’ Styling Matte Paste. Offering strong hold without the sticky, gummy look and feel of other brands, this styling paste keeps your hair looking exactly how you want all day long.

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