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Summer weather can be hard on your hair. The heat and humidity can cause oily roots, frizz, or limp hair that ruins your style. Even if you avoid the heat, spending too much time in dry, air-conditioned air can still negatively affect your hair.


Here are some tips on how to fix every summer hair problem.



Lack of volume can be a major buzz-kill to some in the summer. Luckily, there are some ways to work around this. Summertime is when you want to enhance and embrace your natural texture, so you most likely won’t want to use heat to get your look during the upcoming warm months. Try out this Styling Cream, from Rene Fris’ line. It never makes your hair look like it is overly styled or weighed down by hair products. Instead, it adds volume, dimension, and texture to your hair while still allowing it to move around naturally. Plus, with a beautiful scent of citrus and floral, it smells like summer!


Humidity is a problem that some people really struggle with during the summer months. One tip for fighting the frizz is to avoid washing your hair too often. When you do wash your hair, try to use a high-quality cleanser and conditioner that is specifically designed to fight frizz, like this Anti-Frizz Cleanser and Conditioner from Rene Fris’ line. Even in the most humid of environments, it helps give you silky, glossy hair that has a shine. It is lightweight, so your hair doesn’t get weighed down.



In the summer, your scalp sweat more. The natural oils in your hair then can spread throughout your hair so much easier, leading it to look a little too oily and greasy. Now, most styling products will be water-soluble, that means your sweat renders these products almost useless, causing your style to go limp. You can try to sprinkle a hair powder or use a dry shampoo to combat this issue. When you do wash your hair, make sure not to scrub your hair too vigorously, because then your scalp will be stimulated to produce more oil, and adding to your greasy look.


During the summer, your hair is likely exposed to chlorine and saltwater, which will suck the moisture from already dry hair. It will also cause your cuticles and overall hair to look dull and lackluster. Ironically, the more products you use to try to combat this issue can actually cause more dullness. The more product residue, the less light your hair can reflect. To prevent it in the future, use a clarifying shampoo like this one from Rene Fris’ that was formulated to reduce product buildup and add shine back into your hair.




To fight your summer-ravaged hair, you might also want to consider getting a trim. Not only will it reduce the weight and heat around your head, but a trim also is healthy for your hair and can refresh your style. Also, consider only shampooing your hair every other day and using a deep conditioner to help save your hair.

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