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For those with naturally curly hair, taking care of it can be a full-time job. Everyone has bad hair days when hair just is doing whatever it wants and refuses to hold the shape you want. The uncertainty of curly hair, and never knowing if you will end up with beautiful bouncy curls or flat and frizzy hair can get real old fast.  


Curly hair is more delicate and requires extra TLC to keep it looking lush and beautiful. If you aren’t already, you should consider adding hair diffusers to your day-to-day hair care regime.  


Hair diffusers are a game-changer in the hair care world. A diffuser is a blow-dryer attachment that helps to spread airflow more evenly across a large area. It can be snapped onto your blow-dryer easily and is perfect for curly hair because it helps keep the curl pattern without causing frizz.  


To get the best results from using a diffuser, you should first wash your hair with a cleanser and conditioner that can help cut out the frizz and add shine and silkiness to your hair. Using a product like Rene Fris’ Cleanser and Conditioner will do wonders for your hair. It uses Cloudberry extract, Rhodiola root, birch, and D-Panthenol to encourage natural movement without any frizz. This product is silicone-free and sulfate-free so it won’t damage your curls in the process of cleansing.  


After you have washed your hair, use the lowest heat setting on the dryer, to help protect your curls from heat damage. Attach the diffuser and move it across different sections of your hair. By using it in an upward motion, you can get better defined and bouncier curls. 


Here are some of our favorite hair diffusers to help you get the voluminous curls of your dreams!  

KingKam Collapsible Silicone Hair Dryer Diffuser: $12.65 


This diffuser is perfect for those who are on the go! It can fold down until it fits into a handbag or makeup bag. Thanks to its unique design, it saves up to 75% drying and styling time while saving your hair from significant heat damage.  


NuMe Signature & Stealth Dryer Hair Diffuser: $20 


The Signature & Stealth Diffuser works with airflow to reduce the amount of infrared heat it emits to keep your hair radiant and sleek. They recommend you use it with the NuMe Signature Hairy Dryer or the NuME Stealth Hair Dryer to help you get beautiful curls every time.  


YS Park Diffuser: $25.56 


This diffuser almost doesn’t even look like a diffuser! It is a unique device that allows only heat to escape, which means there is no hair flow, helping to reduce frizz and truly dries your hair. This bag diffuser also reduces drying time and removes any static electricity, so you never have to worry about how your hair will look all day long.  


Drybar The Bouncer Diffuser: $34 



Even though it was created for Drybar products, it is thankfully universally, so it should fit nearly all other hairdryers, It helps to reduce the speed of airflow from your hair dryer to give you bouncy curls.  


DevaCurl DevaFuser Diffuser: $50  


Made by DevaCurl but still universal, it gives you 360-degree airflow that helps to surround your curls from top to bottom and gives you a quick dry time. It utilizes a ceramic inner core to help preserve moisture to keep curls frizz-free and shiny.  

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