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Bangs are having quite the moment right now, and they show no signs of going away. And why not? Bangs do a great job of hiding one of the places on our faces that wrinkles first, tends to breakout, and is the hardest to blend. But all of us have heard horror stories about bangs, so many people shy away from them. 

But you shouldn’t! You just have to do some research into which style will look best for your hair and the way you want to do your hair. 

Here are some of our universal suggestions: 




Romantic sideswept bangs are some of the most popular bangs that a person can have. These are pretty much universal to everyone. They are slightly wavy and can be swept out your eyes and controlled with either hairspray or a clip.  




Another option, if you aren’t into the more romantic look, is to have straighter, more structured bangs. These don’t require as much care because they can be sprayed to the side. 




For those who have thinner, longer faces, sometimes bangs can make the face look shorter and more proportionate. For this look, you want to ensure that your bangs are perfectly straight and skim your lashline. This will require frequent trips to the stylist to keep them looking perfect.  

This is a stronger look, and tends to work better on people who have thinner hair. You also want to ensure that your hair is extremely shiny with this look – anything dull won’t look nearly as good. If you want, you might need to add some volume to the very base of your hair for the best overall look. 


If you are a fan of “wake up and go” hair, then choppy bangs are the best bet for you. This is a great hairstyle for those who have texture to their hair, whether that be waves or just slight curls. Mostly, you will find these bangs with a shaggy bob, but some people have been able to rock them with other hairstyles as well.  

Use some dry shampoo at your roots and pull it forward so that you get that tousled look that so many people love.  


Which bangs style will you try? Don’t be afraid to experiment – after all, it will grow out eventually. 

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